How We Differ

There are many types of financial advisors ready to offer their services: stockbrokers, bank officers, insurance salespeople, and tax professionals. Each type of advisor will be paid differently and offer varying types of advice.  How will you know if the advisor you are talking to has your best interest in mind?

We believe that in order to develop a lifelong relationship with you and to serve you in the best manner possible, we must serve your interests exclusively. In order to ensure your interests are our highest priority, Connor Capital Management (CCM), a Registered Investment Advisor, acts as your Fiduciary at all times.

What is a Fiduciary?

As a Fiduciary, we are required to act with undivided loyalty to you: the client.  This includes disclosure of how we are to be compensated and any corresponding conflicts of interest. As a Registered Investment Advisor, CCM is required by law to act with a Fiduciary responsibility:  Meaning we are legally bound to act in your best interest at all times.  Not all advisors are held to this standard; is yours?

Fee-based and independent

CCM epitomizes independence. We are not employees or agents of a large financial institution. Our Registered Investment Advisor firm charges a fee for our wealth management services, rather than commissions on the sale of investment products. We are not required to promote proprietary products of large, umbrella like organizations. This is important because it eliminates conflicts of interest that can cloud objectivity and distract many other financial advisors.

We are an independent, Fee-Based Wealth Management Firm. Our interests are aligned with your interests.