Second Opinion Service

Are you currently working with a financial advisor, but considering a change? Or are you satisfied with your current advisor, but feel that it’s time to take a look at other available opportunities? If so, Connor Capital Management’s Second Opinion Service may make sense for you.

CCM offers a robust and complimentary Second Opinion Service to individuals and families who have been referred to us, or who would otherwise match up with our firm’s client profile.

We will examine:

  • Are you taking on too much risk?
  • Are you paying too much in fees?
  • Do you own investments that are suitable and appropriate for you based on your unique situation?

Our analysis will indicate if you are on track to meet your goals or if there is room for improvement. As a fee-based advisor with Fiduciary Duty, we can provide you with unbiased advice – if we think your current financial plan is meeting your needs, we’ll let you know. But we will also be forthright about where we see areas for improvement and where we think our firm may be able to add value to your financial life.  Either way, CCM’s Second Opinion Service puts you in a better position to make inspired decisions about your wealth.

If you would like more information or to ask a question about our services, please click the “contact” button below.